Parking Policy


Each CPII unit without a garage is assigned one parking space in the Third Street Lot. Five guest parking spaces are also available in the 3rd Street parking lot—two at the north end (#91 and 92), two at the south end (#93 and #94) and one at the "H Street" walk through (#18). The guest parking spaces are intended to be shared equitably by all 81 CPII units.


  • Park in your unit's assigned space.
  • Obtain a CPII Guest Parking Permit for your guests from the Management Company.
  • Make sure your guests display your CPII Guest Parking Permit containing your address on the dashboard of their car when using guest parking.
  • Inform guests of CPII parking rules.
  • Make sure your vehicle is operable and has current license tags (otherwise it may be ticketed and towed).

Do Nots:

  • Park in another unit owner's or resident's parking space without their permission.
  • Park in guest parking spaces if you reside in CPII full or part time—guest spaces are for guests only.
  • Use more than one guest space at a time.
  • Park a car that is not operational and/or lacks valid tags in any space.
  • Block another space.
  • Use a guest space more than 1 week at a time or more than 7 days per-month per vehicle.
  • Park more than one vehicle in a parking space.
  • Park an oversize vehicle in your space—one that is more than 6 1/2 feet wide, 8 1/2 feet high, or 20 feet long.
  • Park in driveways or firelanes, along yellow curbs, or in areas that block the entrance, exit, or visibility of oncoming or turning traffic.
  • Allow children to play in the parking lot.

* Guest spaces are not to be used during snow storms so that the snow plows can access the parking lot if needed.